balenaEtcher for MAC

v 1.6.0
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About balenaEtcher For MAC

balenaEtcher allows you to easily burn OS images to any SD or USB card. The utility includes a user-friendly disk selection tool and can verify the card before you start to burn the data.

OS image burner with a simple user interface

This open-source application is based on a single window that allows the user to specify the OS image to be burned. The utility can work with OS images that use the.img and.iso formats.

Next, you will need to choose the drive where you want to save the OS image. The program will automatically detect external drives and allow you to choose the one you wish to use from a drop down menu.

However, your internal drive will not be included in the list, so it is impossible to wipe your entire hard drive.

Start over immediately after you have stopped the OS image-burning process.

Finally, press the Burn button to monitor the progress in your main window. It will let you know the percentage of the task completed and the current speed at which it is being transferred.

After the process is completed, the drive can be mounted again and you can use the burned OS image. BalenaEtcher offers two options: you can burn the same OS image to a second card or load a different OS image.

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Whats New

Version 1.6.0:

  • Add support for basic auth when downloading images from URL. [Marco Füllemann]
  • patch: Update etcher-sdk from v6.2.1 to v6.2.5 [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]
  • Update Makefile to Apple M1 info [David Gaspar]
  • Add LED settings for potentially different hardware [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]