Azureus Dashboard Widget for MAC

v 0.11
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Azureus Dashboard Widget For MAC

The Azureus Dashboard widget provides a simple, user-friendly interface for managing BitTorrent downloads. It is especially useful for remote torrent management, such as if you use another machine for BitTorrent downloads. However, it can also be used to control Azureus on your own machine. Instructions for installing the widget are available at the widget's homepage.

Download Azureus Dashboard Widget For MAC

Whats New

Version 0.11:

  • FIXED an issue where the widget viewport would jump left when dragging a file near the right edge.
  • FIXED an issue where super-seeding, forced seeding, and queued torrents had no stop button.
  • FIXED When there are no torrents, the headers "Torrent Name" and "Progress" will not appear.
  • FIXED The X that closes the widget is now correctly positioned over the top left corner.
  • CHANGED The widget's icon no longer has a gradient background.
  • ADDED Total seeds and peers are now displayed alongside connected seeds and peers. (If the tracker reports them correctly.)