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v 7.7
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About AWStats For MAC

AWStats provides a powerful, free and feature-rich server logfile analyzer that displays all your Web/Mail/FTP statistics, including unique visitors, pages, hits and rush hours. It also shows you the operating system, browsers and search engines. Keywords, robots visits and broken links.

AWStats can provide the following information after a complete log analysis:

  • Number of visitors and unique visitors
  • Duration and final visits of visitors
  • Last authenticated visits and authenticated users
  • Days of the week and rush hours (pages and hits, KB, for each hour and day of the week)
  • Domains/countries visited by hosts visitors (pages and hits, KB), 269 domains/countries detected GeoIp detection
  • List of hosts, last visits, and unresolved IP addresses.
  • Most visited pages are entry and exit pages.
  • Files type,
  • Web compression statistics (for mod_gzip and mod_deflate).
  • OS used (pages and hits, KB, KB for each OS; 35 OS detected).
  • Browsers used (pages and hits, KB per browser (Web, Wap or Media browsers): 97 browsers; more than 450 if you use file).
  • Visits by robots (319 robots were detected)
  • Five worm families are attacked by worms
  • Keywords, keyphrases, and search engines used to find your website (The 115 most popular search engines are yahoo, altavista, Google, etc ).
  • HTTP errors (Page not found with the last referrer ...),
  • Other personalized reports based on url, url parameters, referer field for miscellanous/marketing purpose,
  • Your site has been "added to favorites bookmarks" a number of times.
  • Screen size (need some HTML tags in the index page).
  • Ratio of browsers that support Java, Flash, RealG2 readers, Quicktime readers, WMA readers, PDF readers (need to include some HTML tags in the index page).
  • Cluster report on load balanced server ratio

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Whats New

Version 7.7:

  • Security fix: CVE-2017-1000501
  • Security fix: Missing sanitizing of parameters
  • Fix LogFormat=4 with url containing spaces.
  • Fix to window.opener vulnerability in external referral site links.
  • Add methodurlprot in key to define log format.
  • Add Dynamic DNS Lookup.
  • Fix edge support.