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v 4.15
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About aTypeTrainer4Mac For MAC

aTypeTrainer4Mac provides multilingual typing tutors for macOS. All system keyboard layouts (but no input methods!) There are many other keyboard layouts, including non-system layouts such as. Dvorak, Colemak and custom layouts are fully or partially supported.

The app presents a mix string of random characters that can be used to train. There are 30 levels of difficulty. You can change the character set at each level to make your learning experience more personal. You can choose to import text files or copy text from the internet to use your source material for your training sessions. To paste text into the training screen, use command-v anywhere in the app.

The app saves a detailed evaluation of what you have typed at the end of each session. You can customize the app by going to the Menu and Preferences.

To launch the app, control-click or right-click the icon in Finder. Select Open from the contextual menu at the top. In the dialog box, click Open. If prompted, enter administrator name and password.

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Whats New

Version 4.15:

  • Font handling improved.