AsciiDocFX for MAC

v 1.7.4
Category  Graphic Design

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About AsciiDocFX For MAC

Asciidoc is a book/document editor that can be used to create PDF, Epub and Mobi books, documents, and slides.

  • Preview in Real-Time
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Creating Asciidoc Books
  • Markdown Books:
  • Create PDF, HTML, Epub and Mobi files.
  • Epub Viewer
  • Support for External Browsers
  • Table Generator
  • MathJax Extension
  • PlantUML Extension
  • ditaa Extension
  • Extension to Filesystem Tree
  • JavaFX Charts Extension
  • Source Code Highlighter
  • Reveal.js Converter
  • Deck.js Converter
  • Support for Nashorn

Download AsciiDocFX For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.7.4:

  • install4j 9 upgrade
  • dependency updates plantuml, spring boot
  • Java and Java FX 16
  • Enable Zen (Preview only mode)
  • Fix plantuml service crash issue
  • Add math2 shortcut
  • Fix issue on file output naming which includes more than one dot.
  • Font configurations
  • Experimental Mermaid support
  • Dark theme improvements
  • Set config directory from command line