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v 3.5
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About Aquamacs For MAC

Aquamacs , the Emacs editor Mac users love, is Aquamacs . Aquamacs allows you to write text from LaTeX manuscripts, to-do lists, and from C to Cobol, Java to Python to Lisp. Aquamacs behaves and looks like other Mac programs, even though it is still the powerful GNU Emacs that millions have come to love.

Emacs is a text editor with legendary power and configuration, but it also has a complex interface that is very different to the Mac way of doing things. Aquamacs manages the Emacs tiger. It has standard Apple shortcuts in addition to the Emacs ones, nice fonts, tabs, one file per window, international input methods and Apple Help manuals. Aquamacs supports a variety of programming languages and markups: HTML, C/C++ Java, Python, Perl, Tcl and R (S )...). These modes include syntax highlighting and additional functions. Aquamacs can be used to read news and e mail, just like any Emacs.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 3.5:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with macOS Mojave.
  • Aquamacs is now compiled and distributed with a copy of the gnutls library to enable secure web connections. The version in this distribution is 3.6.8. Only the shared library and its library dependencies are included. This was done because Emacs has removed support for using the openssl command line tool shipped with Mac OS X. Code for building the libraries contributed by Win Treese. License information for these libraries is included the manual.
  • In order to provide compatibility with gnutls, the oldest supported version of Mac OS X is now El Capitan (10.11).
  • This version also bundles the binary shared library for the libxml2 library (version 2.9.9).
  • ESS has been updated to version 18.10.2. See here for all new features:
  • Known bug (MacOS Mojave): menus may require a double click to open with the mouse. When this happens, go to System Preferences, Security&Privacy, Accessibility, and allow Aquamacs to ``control your computer''. This merely enables Aquamacs to process some UI events. (Note that this workaround does not apply to nightly builds because they lack a code signature.)
  • Bug fix: a rare condition (when Tabs are not in used) could occur where frames will be unresponsive to user input. Reported by Lewis Hyatt.
  • Bug fix: Color lists were unavailable on late MacOS versions. Reported by Max Arnold.