AppleJack for MAC

v 1.6
Category  System Utilities

About AppleJack For MAC

Developer's Note: AppleJack has stopped being supported and has not been supported in years. It should not be used on any system after Mountain Lion.

AppleJack provides a user-friendly troubleshooting tool for Mac OS X. AppleJack allows you to troubleshoot your computer even if it isn't loading the GUI or you don't have a CD. AppleJack is menu-based and runs in Single User Mode.

AppleJack allows you to repair your disk, fix permissions, validate your system's preference file and remove corrupted cache files. These operations can most often help your machine get back on track. You don't need to bring another startup disk. You can simply restart in Single User Mode, (SUM), by holding down command and s keys at start, and then typing applejack or applejackauto (which will run through all tasks automatically) or applejackauto restart (which will also restart your computer automatically at the end).

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Whats New

Version 1.6:

  • Snow Leopard compatibility [feature 2845796] (Thanks again to Steve Anthony)
  • Improved limits on output from syslog to STDOUT
  • Simplified startup of services on Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • Fixed bug in creation of user account lists in Snow Leopard where system accounts would show up
  • S.M.A.R.T. status verification is now being done in the expert mode. I still want to implement this using smartmontools, but for now diskutil will do.
  • Blessing of Mac OS X System folders on attached volumes is now possible. This is a primitive bless, ie, it does not create boot files, but simply blesses the chosen System folder and (optionally) sets it to be used for startup on next launch