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About APCalculator For MAC

APCalculator (Arbitrary Precision Calculator) defaults to 64 decimal decimal places internal precision. However, the calculator can be adjusted to any desired precision. RPN is the initial operating mode. This mimics the interface of the HP48/49 series calculators. Standard digit grouping is used for numeric display even when entering numbers. RPN mode allows for virtually unlimited undo/redo of the entire stack. This means that even late recognitions of a mistake do not require a complete restart.

Algebraic mode allows for the entry and evaluation of arbitrary expressions. All results in Algebraic mode are displayed with the internal precision.

Solve mode is similar in function to the solve feature on HP calculators. It allows you to solve any variable even if there is no analytic solution.

Features: Unit conversions, common cons, binary and hexadecimal numeric entries/display, US (period), EU (comma), choice of angle entry (degrees (radians), decimal, scientific, binary or hexadecimal results display, or a combination thereof).

Note: Internal precision is limited to irrational number, e.g. Pi, since all integers and rational number, e.g. one third, are stored in rational numbers.

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Note: Although Finder indicates no version number for this application, the developer refers to it as version 20150111.