Alfred for MAC

v 4.5.1
Category  System Utilities

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About Alfred For MAC

Alfred, an award-winning productivity app for OS X, saves time searching for files online and on your Mac. Hotkeys, keywords and file actions make it easier to be more productive.

You can download loads of file-searching, app-launching goodness, and more - all for free. Alfred is the ultimate productivity tool on your Mac. Try it out.

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Whats New

Version 4.5.1:

  • Tweaks and improvements to the new Universal Actions feature
    • Fix regression of missing email subject when sending file attachments via Alfred's actions
    • Fix regression of emacs ctrl+f not being respected as right arrow for action / navigation
  • Fix regression in calculator with floating point rounding issue
  • Prevent 0 sized images from being added to Alfred's clipboard history
  • Clarify error message when a workflow script task cannot run, such as the script language missing
  • Improved messaging on the Run NSAppleScript workflow action
  • Clarify osascript type from AS to AppleScript and JS to JavaScript in Run Script and Script Filter workflow objects