A52Codec for MAC

v 1.7.6
Category  Music Audio

About A52Codec For MAC

A52Codec can decode stereo and surround sound from A52 or AC-3 audio. This type of audio is often found on DVD movies.

From the developer: "I'm no more maintaining this app as an individual download. Instead, you will need to download PErian to obtain the most recent version."

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Whats New

Version 1.7.6:

  • Allow the setting of dynamic range. Can make soft sounds louder.
  • AC3 passthrough. This is a hidden pref since it requires special conditions. It is best set by the application after it has completed such setup.
  • Fixed bug with badly packetized data
  • Fixed a case where the audio was being clipped
  • Fixed an incorrect assumption about sample rates.
  • Fixed an error with an incomplete sample at the end of a file
  • Added the ability to output Pro Logic II