Webix Datatable 1

Webix Datatable 1
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Published By: XB Software
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 23 September, 2013
Date Released: 11 July, 2013
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Category: Web Development / Java & JavaScript
Description of Webix Datatable program at Mac Shareware:



Powerful JavaScript grid control

Powerful JavaScript grid control built with an innovative approach and the latest web development trends in mind. It allows you to create lightweight, highly customizable scrollable and sortable data tables for your app. It’s currently one of the fastest JavaScript grid solutions ever created.
DataTable is able to process large amounts of data quickly. Grids with a large number of rows and columns are loaded in the blink of an eye. Speed tests showed that DataTable loads 1,000 rows and columns 10 times faster than other grid libraries currently on the market.
The size of the DataTable .js file is half the size of similar grids. A powerful and feature-rich grid can now fit in a .js file of 38 Kb (gzipped).
DataTable allows seamless data entries into the grid. By clicking any of the cells, you can easily edit its contents, select/deselect particular items using checkboxes, or choose any value from a list by means of a drop-down menu.
DataTable supports the display of tree-like structures, similar to what Tree offers. It allows the creation of an unlimited number of nested expandable subtrees that add hierarchical structure to a table. Any cell in DataTable can be used as a root. Data can also be filtered according to definite criteria you specify.
DataTable can load data from XML, JSON and CSV files and also allows you to use your own formats of data. XML and JSON data formats are freely customizable so you can use DataTable with your existing web-services.
DataTable provides built-in integration with jQuery framework. You can easily use it as a jQuery plug-in to add a fast and full-featured data grid on any web page. You can also apply jQuery UI skins as needed.
The appearance of DataTable is defined fully with CSS, making the grid highly customizable.
DataTable provides the ability to copy/paste data to and from the clipboard so you can easily exchange the grid data with desktop apps like Excel. The clipboard’s support is sustainable in all the latest web br

Webix Datatable is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $170.00
License: Shareware
Downloads: 4
Size: 110 B

Platform: Unix, Other, Mac OS X, Mac, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Java, Android, Windows Vista