Webix Accordion 1

Webix Accordion 1
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Published By: XB Software
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 24 September, 2013
Date Released: 11 July, 2013
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Category: Web Development / Java & JavaScript
Description of Webix Accordion program at Mac Shareware:



Javascript Accordion widget

Javascript widget that allows you to place multiple panels of content in a space-saving manner. With this widget, you can hide areas of information and activate them with one simple click. As a result, users will only be able to see the panels they need and won’t have to deal with any unnecessary data.
The panels of Webix Accordion can be easily expanded and collapsed thereby only leaving the info that you need on the web-page at the moment.
You can expand all the panels of Accordion at the same time, but you can’t close them all at once. You can put various Webix widgets into Accordion panels, helping you save a significant amount of space on your web-page.
Accordion columns and rows can be easily organized vertically or horizontally, allowing you to adjust the widget to the existing web-site design.
Accordion runs smoothly in popular modern browsers such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Apple Safari.
These widget also has a native look and feel on modern touch devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices.
You can fully view it with CSS, making it easy to control and customize its appearance.

Webix Accordion is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $170.00
License: Shareware
Downloads: 4
Size: 1.2 MB

Platform: Mac OS X, Mac, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Android, Windows Vista

System Requirements: No system requirements

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