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Published By: Derbrill Multimedia
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 30 October, 2013
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Category: Audio & Multimedia
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uGrabIt is a video capture Tool which allows to record videoclips from almost any device.

uGrabIt is a video capture Tool which allows to record videoclips from almost any device. (no matter if its a Firewire Camcorder, USB Webcam or videocard) It was originally created to allow capturing videoclips for iMovie from an iSight Cam.

Using uGrabIt:

The dimensions, the desired Codec and the Framerate can be chosen freely.
Connect your videodevice to the Computer. Turn on the device. Start recording. It is simple!

If you want to grab from a Camcorder to use the digitized material in iMovie you do it like this:
Connect the Camcorder and the Computer. Turn on the Camcorder and click connect. Click Preview. If you do not get signal click Source/codec. A dialog window opens.

If the dialog window does not open your Cam could not be recognized by the system. In that case you might need to install some driver Software.

To make the digitized material fit into iMovie it needs to be digitized in DV Pal or DV NTSC format. In wide parts of Europe DV Pal is used in the USA and other countries it is NTSC. Choose DV Pal or DV NTSC (depending on your version of iMovie) by doubleclicking the corresponding setting.

If you have connected different video devices to your computer you can select which one to use by clicking source/codec and choosing source afterwards.

Close the dialog window and click start recording. uGrabIt opens the save as system dialog. Type in a filename for the clip and click o.k. to start recording. As you want to use the clips in iMovie mind the suffix. It should be .mov . uGrabIt needs a few seconds to initialize before recording starts. The time needed depends on your systems speed. Import the recorded Clip in iMovie via Drag an Drop in the Clips bin or choosing import. Done! :-)
If you have captured from an iSight disconnect it before starting iMovie. Otherwise iMovie wont start.

Custom Settings: You may change the dimensions of the Clip being captured by typing new values for Width and Height. The maximum values depend on the actual screen Resolution.

You can choose a CoDec and set the Framerate by clicking on source/codec.

You can rename the setting by clicking them twice slowly. You can rearrange the settings by holding down the mouse and drag to the desired position.

OS X 10.3.9 or later
Video device

Universal Binary

uGrabIt is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $15.00
License: Shareware
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Size: 2.6 MB

Platform: Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac