TruePreview 1.5

Published By: Jim Riggs
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 25 July, 2013
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Category: Communications / E-Mail Clients
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Apple's OS X Mail program is a good e-mail client overall, but it has its share of annoyances.

Apple does not provide a published or supported way to extend or modify Mail's behavior. Thus, these annoyances persist until a developer takes the time to dig into Mail's innards to find an underhanded solution.One of the most common shortcomings/omissions/bugs/failures in Mail is the inability to truly preview messages. If the preview pane is displayed in the message viewer window, as soon as a message is selected and displayed, it is marked as read. Most every other e-mail client on the planet provides an option to delay marking messages as read. This particular issue has been the one nagging annoyance that has bothered me for years now. With every OS X upgrade, I have anticipated Apple finally adding this necessary functionality, only to be disappointed.Enter TruePreview. I am the developer who finally took the time to dig into Mail's innards to find an underhanded solution. TruePreview adds a preference panel to Mail's preferences that allows you to mark messages as read immediately (Mail's default), never, or after a delay. Additionally, it allows you to immediately mark messages as read when replying, forwarding, opening in a separate window, or scrolling the preview pane. Finally, it allows you to specify these settings independently per-account, if desired.

TruePreview is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
License: Shareware
Downloads: 57
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Platform: Mac OS X 10.5, Mac

System Requirements: ?’A· OS X 10.6.4/Mail 4.3 compatibility