Tab Filter / Tab Search 1.100608.16

Published By: tito
License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 06 April, 2013
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Category: Network & Internet / Browser Tools
Description of Tab Filter / Tab Search program at Mac Shareware:



Hides all tabs that not match your search criteria

Tab Filter / Tab Search is a great Firefox add-on that allows you to hide the tabs that do not contain a certain text tring in their title or URL.From the tab context menu you can select "Filter tabs..." to start a new search... and "Undo tab filter" to show all the hidden tabs.Searches will be matched against the tab's URL, title or both. Allows " or " conditions ( multiples searches ), and the prefix "-" for word exclusion.Searching "google music -pop, yahoo music -pop" will keep all tabs that contains google and music or yahoo and music, and will hide these containing "pop".

Tab Filter / Tab Search is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
License: Freeware
Downloads: 1
Size: 71.7 KB

Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

System Requirements: No special requirements.