StoryBoard Quick 6.0.4

Published By: PowerProduction Software
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 20 May, 2013
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Category: Business / Other
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Easy-to-Learn Functions and Exclusive FeaturesChoose a CharacterStoryBoard Quick is fast and easy to use, even if you can't draw!

Easy-to-Learn Functions and Exclusive FeaturesChoose a CharacterStoryBoard Quick is fast and easy to use, even if you can't draw!This storyboard software helps you create the visual representations.Easy-to-UseStoryBoard Quick storyboarding software is fast and easy to use...even if you can't draw. Get started right away in creating and presenting. On a deadline? StoryBoard Quick is a must! No Drawing NecessaryPre-loaded with libraries of content, StoryBoard Quick will help design storyboards that are clear and look great, even without artistic ability. Adding graphics to your storyboards is as easy as pointing and clicking!Produce and deliver professional storyboards with feature-packed StoryBoard Quick.[thumb][/thumb] StoryBoard Quick's easy page layout features, graphic manipulation tools, caption storage, and image layering functions make storyboarding faster than ever, all the while allowing you to show people the vision of your project.StoryBoard Quick FeaturesThe Art of Storyboarding.New cast. New props. New locations. And more of each too! Color-customizable, rotating characters and props define spatial relationship in your shots. 3D Director's Arrows indicate actor and camera movement. You don't need to be a storyboard artist (but draw tools included!). StoryBoard Quick IS the art of script-integrated storyboarding."Plays well with others.Import almost anything into your storyboards! Take digital photos and drag and drop them right into the storyboard frame. Import your script from any screenwriting program or even text files. Import your scheduling data as well. You can also type directly into the caption area and even in the frame itself for the fastest script-integrated storyboards on the planet.It's ok. Be a show off.Print your great-looking storyboards, or export them as graphic files or a Flash movie. Storyboard Software Storyboard Quick makes it easy to show off your ideas. The new script-integrated page layout gives you script formatting with thumbnail shots and is just one of the many ways to show your ideas.Edit and organize.StoryBoard Quick's overview gives you the power to see the whole storyboard project in one view. Rearrange your shots, delete frames, insert a missing shot and jump to frames for lightning-fast editing. The overview also can display the captions for superior workflow control.Storyboards in a Flash.New export to Flash video allows you to play back your storyboards locally or on the internet. Easily export the HTML code along with project sizings so you can play the storyboards back at full frame or optimize for viewing on iPhones and other mobile devices.

StoryBoard Quick is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
License: Shareware
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Platform: Mac OS X 10.4, Mac

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later