Rise of Featherations 1.5

Published By: zahmeKatzen
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 30 May, 2013
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Category: Games & Entertainment / Adventure & Roleplay
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During Pyweek 9 Zahmekoses had to go to work, but I had a lot of free time

During Pyweek 9 Zahmekoses had to go to work, but I had a lot of free time, so we could be a little more ambitious than last time. We couldn't really think of a game concept for the theme "feathers", but eventually settled on the idea of "featherations at war". New features and more maps (yay!) were added during Pyggy 3.This is a turn-based strategy game. You build your troops, conquer territories and fight against enemy armies.The story:For a very long time the United Featheration (UF) spanned the whole globe of Poultry, one of the planets in the solar system Fowl. All was well until the citizens of the UF started to ask themselves where they were ultimately coming from.The majority of the UF didn't bother with that after sufficient scientific explanations were found. However, two minorities kept their (religious) views on the origin of featherkind and eventually formed armies to enforce their beliefs.And while the UF government is now desperately trying to organize something that hardly resembles an army, two new featherations prepare themselves to decide the one and only origin of featherkind.

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License: Shareware
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Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

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