Restoring Rhonda Review 1.0

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Date Added: 16 April, 2013
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Restoring Rhonda is your classic match 3 or more pieces to destroy Mac game.

Restoring Rhonda is your classic match 3 or more pieces to destroy Mac game. The story line is different with mini puzzles in between the main play. Rhonda is down and out after being fired from her job as an art restorer who tripped and fell on a priceless painting. She finds a game her uncle had in the attic,and discovers this game has magical powers. With her new found game to help her with her business of restoring paintings, Rhonda should be back on her feet soon.The main game is a match 3 like pieces to destroy and break the background tiles. In each match game board there is a tool you will need to restore a painting after each level. It could be a brush to clear, tweezers to pull things off the canvas or a cloth to rub away obstructions. Making the matches will release these tools for your use. After cleaning an art piece the grateful customers will give Rhonda something for her apartment.There are 2 modes of play for the match games. The Classic is the swapping of tiles next to each other to make a 3 or more matches. The Free Play is a little different and you can make a match by swapping pieces from anywhere on the game board.The Portfolio will display paintings you have restored and can review detailed information about the paintings. Sounds pretty ominous, doesn't it? Some of the paintings are very strange looking.Although the play is a little different from other match games, this one is not very challenging. If you are looking for a relaxing play, I would recommend this one. Another factor I didn't like is that Rhonda is so depressing looking and didn't look appreciative when her customer gave her something. Maybe we have to wait until the end of the game to see Rhonda smile? This game is not for me, but you may enjoy the comical artwork and the match game in Restoring Rhonda.

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