RAGE SEKeyword 1.3

Published By: Rage Software
License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 31 August, 2013
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Category: Network & Internet / Search/Lookup Tools
Description of RAGE SEKeyword program at Mac Shareware:



Placing at the top of search engines provides no value unless the keywords you rank high for are being searched by your customers

Placing at the top of search engines provides no value unless the keywords you rank high for are being searched by your customers. SEKeyword helps you brainstorm and discover the top searched keywords that are related to your website.Using technology provided by Yahoo Search, SEKeyword will download and examine your website content suggesting your most relevant keywords and keyword phrases. Then it provides an entire list of related and specific keyword phrases that you can use to discover profitable niches. Keep Your Keywords Organized By WebsiteRAGE SEKeyword helps you keep you your keywords organized by their corresponding website. If you maintain a number of websites spanning a wide variety of topics, RAGE SEKeyword is the ideal solution to keep you organized.Find The Most Profitable Keywords Related To Your WebsiteUsing technology provided by Yahoo Search, RAGE SEKeyword will provide the most popular keywords related to your website. By providing specific keywords that are actually used by your potential customers you can quickly and easily find untapped, yet profitable niche phrases.Get Specific With Your Keywords!It is often impossible or simply too expensive to rank high for generic keywords such as 'computer' or 'car'. With RAGE SEKeyword's powerful research and brainstorming features you can add generic keywords and get a whole list of popular, and profitable, keyword phrases that are much easier to rank high for in search engines.Prepare Your Keywords For Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingIf you regularly use Google Adwords or a similar pay-per-click advertising medium, RAGE SEKeyword has the tools you need. It can automatically turn your keyword phrases into exact matches, phrase matches or negative keywords at the click of a button. RAGE SEKeyword also includes a number of other keyword tools that will help you quickly add certain terms to the beginning or end of your keyword phrases.Suppose you have a list of keywords all relevant to your web products or service. However, your product is only compatible with Mac OS X. RAGE SEKeyword can automatically add the term 'mac os x' to your list of keywords using its powerful built in keyword tools. It doesn't stop there! It can also remove certain terms within each keyword or quickly locate specific keywords for removal.Export Your Keywords To Just About AnywhereWhen you have finished with your keyword research, RAGE SEKeyword makes it extremely easy to export your list of keywords in a variety of methods.Export To Flat Text FileYour first option is to export your keywords as a text file. If you need to import your keywords in another application, you can use this option to easily do so.Export To RAGE SERankRAGE SEKeyword can export your keywords directly to any of the websites you currently have listed in RAGE SERank. RAGE SEKeyword will even make sure duplicate keywords are not added to your RAGE SERank database if the same keyword is already in there and associated with the corresponding URL.Export To ClipboardRAGE SEKeyword can also export your keywords directly to your clipboard. This is a great option to quickly copy and paste your keywords into your Google adwords account.

RAGE SEKeyword is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
License: Freeware
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Size: 9.2 MB

Platform: Mac OS X 10.4, Mac

System Requirements: No special requirements.