NIWO Slumber

NIWO Slumber

Published By: NIWO Software
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 19 April, 2011
Date Released: 11 April, 2011
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Category: Utilities / Automation Tools
Description of NIWO Slumber program at Mac Shareware:



NIWO Slumber is a smart Tool/Timer ..

NIWO Slumber is a smart Tool/Timer which can shutdown, restart, sleep or logout your computer at a given time (e.g. in 1 hour). You can use this tool to turn of your Computer at night or when you want to make a break at a given time.

Main Features :

• Global Hotkey to show up the Slumber Window
• 4 Actions (Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Log Out)
• Status Item (to activate the Slumber quickly)
• Shows the time at the status item (see Screenshots)
• Presets to activate a Slumber in just 2 clicks (for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Log Out)
• Create, Edit and Manage your own Templates
• Notifications
• Growl Support
• Can play a System sound
• NIWO Service Center to send us Bug reports and Feedback

So buy NIWO Slumber today and your computer will never again be turned on all night.

NIWO Slumber is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $1.99
License: Shareware
Downloads: 6
Size: 8.6 MB

Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

System Requirements: 10.5