MIE Calendar Software 2

MIE Calendar Software 2

Published By: MIE Solutions
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 29 September, 2011
Date Released: 07 September, 2011
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Category: Business / PIMS & Calendars
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MIE Calendar Software Solution

MIE Calendar Software is a revolutionary calendar and collaboration tool designed to meet the needs of small-to-large companies in various fields of activity, but also of single users seeking a compact and easy-to-use calendar tool. MIE Calendar Software is the ideal solution for businesses whose employees seek the ability to share calendars, information and tasks internally, across different departments of the company, as well as externally.

Calendar Software systems aim to solve the typical problems associated with scheduling, planning and controlling business tasks throughout a company. Effective Calendar Tools are very helpful in managing projects, processes, information and data.

MIE Calendar Software gives the entire company a clear view of various scheduled events. You have the option to add reminders to the calendar and, depending on your needs, you can either share your calendar with others or make it private. Scheduled tasks - which can be any sort of information you want to assign to yourself or someone else - can be sorted and managed based on deadline dates, names, priority, and various other criteria. Once you create a task, you can easily reassign it to a colleague, as well as attach notes and chat logs to it. You can start out a chat directly from a task and save all chat responses under the Notes/Chat Logs tab.

In order to make it easier for others to view and modify the Journal notes you submit and store, you also have the option to attach MIE Docs files to each individual note. This enables users to make changes to documents without the need to save and edit the attachment first and then reattach the document to an email.

MIE Calendar Software also comes with a fully integrated workflow system for tasks and document management so you can handle the hundreds of thousands of documents under your management in a non-demanding, effective and organized manner.

MIE Calendar Software is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $10.00
License: Shareware
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Size: 29.6 MB

Platform: Unix, Other, Mac Other, Mac, Handheld/Mobile Other, Windows Vista

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