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License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 22 December, 2011
Date Released: 05 December, 2011
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Category: Utilities / System Maintenance
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Free Mac cleaner and disk monitor!

MacCleaning is a totally free, easy-to-use cleaning and disk space monitoring application to make your Mac faster. Just by one-click, it will start to remove the junk files like System Caches, System Logs, User Logs, User Downloads, Trash, Safari Internet Cache, etc.

MacCleaning also shows the available disk space on all the drives. You will be also alerted when your disk space is running below 10%. MacCleaning Pro has all the features of MacCleaning and enables you to customize the space value to display a warning and eject all the mounted devices by a click.

MacCleaning Features :
1. Fast clean your Mac by one-click.
2. Show the available disk space in the menu bar.
3. Display a warning when your disk space is running low.
4. Customize the space value to display a warning (only available in Pro version).
5. Mount and Eject completion indicator.
6. Eject the mounted devices, like external storage disks, CD and DVD disks, SuperDrive, network storage, disk images.
7. Eject all the mounted devices by one-click (only available in Pro version).
8. Click the device to explore files in Finder.
9. Select places to clean up junk files.

Just give it a try! If you like MacCleaning, please share your experience with us, which wil help to make it better. Thanks!

MacCleaning is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
License: Freeware
Downloads: 332
Size: 2.0 MB

Platform: Mac OS X, Mac