LucidSQL 1.0 alpha 1

Published By: foomanchu
License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 31 March, 2013
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Category: Development / Management & Distribution
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LucidSQL aims to be a very simplistic MySQL GUI Front-End for Mac OS X

LucidSQL aims to be a very simplistic MySQL GUI Front-End for Mac OS X. This application will try and provide as much power as possible, but still have it be usable by the average user. By average user, I mean someone who has some experience with MySQL and knows that basics, but can't get caught up in the CLI clutter.The current state of development is pre-alpha and once I get some more time I will post screenshots. This project is completely open source because of a number of reasons. I am not a full-time programmer. In fact, I am a hobbiest programmer in the time between school, studying, and sports. Having LucidSQL be an open source project promotes others to help out and make improvements and that is what makes it so great. I am completely welcome to any help (logo/icon design, programming, etc.) so drop me a line if you want to be a part.

LucidSQL is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
License: Freeware
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Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

System Requirements: No special requirements.