HDR Express 2 2.1.0

HDR Express 2 2.1.0

Published By: Unified Color Technologies
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 27 November, 2013
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Category: Graphic Apps / Other
Description of HDR Express 2 program at Mac Shareware:



HDR Express 2 is the fastest and easiest way to create natural looking "True Color" high dynamic range images without the telltale halo and color shift artifacts that other HDR applications often produce.

HDR Express 2 is the fastest and easiest way to create natural looking "True Color" high dynamic range images without the telltale halo and color shift artifacts that other HDR applications often produce. Modeled on human vision, HDR Express 2 utilizes Unified Color's patented Beyond RGB color technology. All image editing and tone mapping is performed in a 32-bit color workflow for the highest quality results and interactive preview.

HDR Express 2 features Unified Color's most streamlined workflow yet, making it ideal for photo enthusiasts new to HDR. The HDR tone mapping process has been simplified to just seven easy to use controls and provides several 1-click presets that can be customized and shared.

This version also includes several key feature and technology upgrades. With the new auto stacking feature in HDR Express 2, the application automatically arranges, sorts and groups bracketed exposures. A new visual browser allows users to quickly and easily identify images by thumbnails rather than filenames. In images with moving subjects, and the new de-ghosting algorithms in HDR Express 2 produce even more realistic results. HDR Express 2 features all new *Adaptive Tone Mapping* algorithms that further improve contrast, color, and detail retention in the highlight areas of wide dynamic range images, while also maintaining optimal contrast and color in darker image areas


Work Faster
* NEW Image Browser to easily find your photo files " Eliminate the guesswork when selecting photos by file name. Instead, easily identify the desired photos based on their thumbnails in your selected folder.
* NEW Auto Image Stacking to group your bracketed photos quickly " When selecting multiple, bracketed photos to merge they're often not in sequential order on your computer. Auto Stacking groups your bracketed photo files together for easy selection.
* NEW Single Click Presets to find the right HDR settings fast " HDR Express 2 combines all settings into a single click preset, that speeds up your workflow and takes the guesswork out of HDR processing.
* NEW slideshow feature to see your images full-screen " When you're creating great HDR photos you'll want to see them right now and large on your screen. The new slideshow feature presents your images in full-screen mode without having to leave HDR Express 2.

Better Results
* NEW Adaptive Tone Mapping that improves color and contrast in highlights " HDR Express 2 has a ton of new technology under the hood. Our new tone mapping algorithms easily handle those difficult highlight areas with improved color and contrast retention.
* IMPROVED Merge algorithms for better alignment of images with some camera shake " Creating beautiful HDR photographs requires merging multiple, bracketed exposures of the same image. Many times we experience camera shake between exposures and our new algorithms give better results when creating a merged image file.
* IMPROVED De-ghosting algorithms give better results when objects move between frames " When creating bracketed exposures of a critical scene we can experience object movement between exposures. Our new de-ghosting technology vastly improves the rendering of these objects.
HDR Express 2 produces images that span a super-wide difference between the brightest and darkest areas of yours scene. Highlights are tamed. Shadows are open and noise free - all with the click of a mouse.

And, like all our applications every function in HDR Express 2 works in full 32-bit mode.

HDR Express 2 is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
Price: $99.99
License: Shareware
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Platform: Mac OS X 10.7.3, Mac