Free Digital Alarm Clock 1.0

Published By: Edward Wegner
License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 03 August, 2013
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Category: Desktop / Clocks & Alarms
Description of Free Digital Alarm Clock program at Mac Shareware:



An easy to use alarm clock application.

Free Digital Alarm Clock is a very easy to use application designed to be a reliable alarm clock.Free Digital Alarm Clock can be used for waking up, timing, etc. Free Digital Alarm Clock comes with three (3) pre-installed tones.Free Digital Alarm Clock first release (1.0) does not allow additional tones to be added though its interface. The time itself cannot be adjusted as it is synchronized with the system time every 15 seconds.Free Digital Alarm Clock provides a control panel which is used to set up the time zones, the "Don't Let Me Sleep" feature, and the tone. There are two time zone settings: the first is the home time zone of the user and the second is the curent time zone the user is in. Eg. If a user is living in British Columbia the home time zoe should be set to -8 GMT, and this user visits New York, the current time zone will be set to -5 GMT given the user the correct time in New York.The "Don't Let Me Sleep" feature disables everything on the alarm clock interface so you cannot use the snooze function, open the control panel or help, or close the alarm clock until it has entered its persist cycle. The persist cycle gets activated when the alarm clock has not been disabled.The user can choose from three (3) tones and play these tones in the control panel. To disable the alarm clock, the bell beside the alarm must be clicked.When the alarm time gets adjusted or when there are any changes to the configuration, the program will save it to two files: and config.config. These files will be saved to the same location as the JAR file. Note: AM is a green dot and PM is a red dot.

Free Digital Alarm Clock is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.
License: Shareware
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Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

System Requirements: No special requirements.