Four Channel Ambiophonic Transcoder 1.0

Published By: Stephan Hotto
License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 11 April, 2013
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Category: Audio & Multimedia / Audio Encoders/Decoders
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Four Channel Ambiophonic Transcoder

The Principles of Ambiophonics*:1.) Ambiophonics uses RACE* (Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Elimination) to enable binaural listening2.) The Speakers are positioned with a separation angle smaller than 20?A (called Ambiodipol) instead of 60?A used in stereo. No worries, in contrast to stereo, the sound stage goes far beyond the boundaries set by the speakers (up to 120?A).Reference:- RACE is a free algorithm made available by the Ambiophonics Institute ( Ambiophonics has been invented by the Ambiophonics InstituteKey advantages in comparison to stereo by playing the same material from CD, LPs or your computer:1.) Elimination of Comb filtering effects and pinna direction finding errors2.) By having the speakers close together reflections by walls and the bass mode response of the room are much easier to control3.) The center presence is very stable and therefore always easy to locateListening Experience:The sound stage gets a strong deepness, height and wideness which creates a real three dimensional listening experience.Locating a single sound source within the original stereo image is much easier with Ambiophonics. You're able to pinpoint each instrument in all three dimensions!To achieve optimal cross talk cancellation Ambiophonics has a sweet spot (similar to stereo) along the median line where the sound stage has its best representation.Which records sound best?In contrast to the standard stereo setup where spatially rich recordings that contain binaural cues with inter-aural time differences (ITD) loose their deepness, Ambiophonic plays back a much richer sound stage.Many productions mix monaural microphones or direct sources between channels to create phantom images limited to inter-aural level differences (ILD), but even those recordings do get a wider and more precise sound stage with Ambiophonics.

Four Channel Ambiophonic Transcoder is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
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