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Date Added: 02 August, 2013
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Flip Words 2 is a pleasant surprise as the sequel to Flip Words, the original word Mac game

Flip Words 2 is a pleasant surprise as the sequel to Flip Words, the original word Mac game. It has a lot of new twists to the classic game and at the same time kept the familiar fun and educational feel of the play intact.Now you will find 3 modes of play in Flip Words 2 instead of just one. They are Classic, Strategy and Party modes. The classic is the same basic word game with added bonuses and twists to it. As before you click on the red round letters to form words (the letters will turn green when clicked) of 3 or more letters. Then hit the submit button or click on the last letter of the word twice to submit it. The first letter of the formed words, if usable in the phrase, will go up to fill the blank familiar phrase. The letter tracker (the letters you already used) has been moved to the top of the letter grid and is much easier to see than before. The Shuffle button also has been moved from the right side with other buttons to the left by itself. These 2 moves helped visualize the board better. The Extra Turn meter when filled will give you another turn, and the Big Word bonus will get you more points for words with 5 letters or more.The Strategy mode is brand new and offers a lot of excitement and entertainment to the play. It has a new token earning play where you can buy vowel buttons that will fill in your choice of a vowel and a longer word button. The third mode is the Party mode. It is the online multiplayer section where you can play with up to 3 other people for medals and high scores.I enjoyed playing the new Strategy mode as well as the Classic. I think the game is a great improvement to the original even though I liked the first one. Try playing both games and see what you think.

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