CrissCross 0.8.0

Published By: Steven Noonan
License Type: Freeware
Date Added: 23 May, 2013
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Category: Development / Other
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CrissCross is a C++ application framework.

CrissCross is a C++ application framework. Basically, it provides a few cross-platform classes which allow you to do things without need to change your code between platforms.To give you an idea, here are a few of the classes we've got so far: . AVLTree: A fast AVL tree implementation.. BubbleSort: A very slow sorting algorithm (provided for educational purposes). Inherits Sorter.. CombSort: A sorting algorithm based on BubbleSort but many magnitudes faster. Inherits Sorter.. Console: Console I/O operations. Inherits CoreIOReader and CoreIOWriter.. CoreIOReader: For basic input operations. Abstract class.. CoreIOWriter: For basic output operations. Abstract class.. CoreSocket: For basic socket I/O operations. Abstract class.. CPUID: Can identify various CPU properties and features.. DArray: A fast, dynamically sized array.. DStack: A fast and small dynamically sized stack.. FileReader: Text and binary file reader. Inherits CoreIOReader.. FileWriter: Text and binary file writer. Inherits CoreIOWriter.. HashTable: A simple hash table.. HeapSort: A fast sorting algorithm. Inherits Sorter.. InsertionSort: A very slow sorting algorithm (provided for educational purposes). Inherits Sorter.. LList: A faster-than-most doubly linked list.. MD2Hash: An MD2 hash generator.. MD4Hash: An MD4 hash generator.. MD5Hash: An MD5 hash generator.. Mutex: Allows for safe threaded operations. Used in CoreIOReader and CoreIOWriter.. QuickSort: A slow algorithm (in C++ anyway), provvided for educational purposes. Inherits Sorter.. RedBlackTree: A very fast red-black tree implementation.. SHA1Hash: A SHA-1 hash generator.. SHA256Hash: A SHA-256 hash generator.. SHA512Hash: A SHA-512 hash generator.. ShellSort: A fast sorting algorithm. Inherits Sorter.. Sorter: An abstract class for sorting algorithms.. SplayTree: A fast splay tree implementation.. Stopwatch: A high-precision timer designed for profiling code.. TCPSocket: Used for TCP/IP communications. Inherits CoreSocket.. TigerHash: A Tiger hash generator.. UDPSocket: Used for UDP/IP communications. Inherits CoreSocket.. And more to come...

CrissCross is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.
License: Freeware
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Platform: Mac OS X, Mac

System Requirements: ?’A· Xcode 2.3 or later