Course For Compressor 3.5 1.0

Course For Compressor 3.5 1.0

License Type: Shareware
Date Added: 21 October, 2013
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Category: Audio & Multimedia / Video Tools
Description of Course For Compressor 3.5 program at Mac Shareware:



Over 4-hours of Compressor 3.

Over 4-hours of Compressor 3.5 tutorial-videos. Watch the HD version of this tutorial at:

Video Compression Guru Francesco Schiavon shows you Compressor 3.5.**

This 4.5-hour tutorial starts with a solid overview of the video compression workflow in Compressor 3.5. Francesco eases you into the video encoding process by showing you how to us Compressor's built-in presets to make simple compression jobs and batches.

Next, you'll move on to see how Compressor 3.5 interacts with all the other Final Cut Studio applications to create perfectly outputted files.**In Chapter 2, you'll go deeper into Compressor as you begin exploring the process of making your own compression settings. You'll learn how to set frame rates that are appropriate for your delivery method, how to work with aspect ratio, and even some advanced topics like understanding frame rate conversion.**

You'll also explore adding filters to your jobs to create effects in your video, from creative effects (like applying audio and video fades) to important extras like adding a watermark or text / timecode overlay to your encoded video. There's even a section on adding actions to a job, such as an email notification of job completion or running an AppleScript after the job finishes.

**This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the Keyword Search functions and detailed menus to quickly find topics of interest a

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