Caustic Truths #2

Published By: Caustic Truths Communications, Inc
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Date Added: 22 October, 2007
Date Released: 20 April, 2007
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Caustic Truths #112 is a new venture where we

Caustic Truths #112 is a new venture where we posted an edition online at our site, edition online at our site, which includes Dark Tranquility, Ill Nino,, INFERNAEON, Dollyrots, Poison the Well, Silverstein, Apocalyptica , and more. Do get our teaser PDF edition which includes Megadeth, Dimmu Borgir, and Six Feet Under, and Shadows Fall.

United Abominations, the new Megadeth release, is a powerful record, rife with body-shot
riffs and hummingbird solos that crackle with urgency. The success Dave Mustaine enjoyed
with The System Has Failed, along with his new band mates, has translated into a positive
energy that completely envelopes the new record. But along with that energy comes a sober
look at items of global importance. Mustaine has never been known to be shy or reticent about
putting forth his views, particularly in the realm of politics. So it's no surprise to look through
the titles of Megedeth's latest record United Abominations and see topics like Washington Is
Next and Gears of War.


Dimmu Borgir came
out from the wave of
early 90s Norwegian
black metal. It was a
glorious era, but a lot
of bands from that time
have since moved on
by releasing albums
with incorporated dance
beats, rap-like vocals,
or some of them simply
disbanded. Dimmu
Borgir, however, despite
harsh criticism from
die-hard underground
enthusiasts, always persevered,
taking bold steps
to achieve their purposes
and never giving in to
the pressure to satisfy
the masses.


It's mind boggling how an act like Guns N Roses can spend years in the studio and have
nothing to show for it, while an act like Shadows Fall, who are just as equally talented if not
more so, can record a classic album in a matter of weeks. But for their albums in the past,
the Massachusetts five piece pretty much went from the tour bus to the recording studio and
back. For their brand new al

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