Published Mac Software by Tecdrop
SrcAnywhere 1.0
Author: Tecdrop
Date: 17 April, 2015
Downloads: 4
Size: 0
License: Freeware
Easily access the 'View Source' feature on mobile (and PC) browsers, and inspect the source code of any webpage. A tiny bookmarklet that doesn't waste valuable resources, especially on resource constrained mobile devices. No installation required.
Platform: Android, Mac, iOS, Mac OS X
Category: Network & Internet / Browser Tools
DOSMadness 1.0
Author: Tecdrop
Date: 10 June, 2015
Downloads: 2
Size: 2.0 KB
License: Freeware
View any site on the Internet in a DOS madness style: just (multicolored) text, no images or videos, and a lot of colored rectangles. Focus only on the text, and see how much you can understand without images. Fun or useful? Works on any browser.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac Other
Category: Network & Internet / Browser Tools