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Mac Shareware is a complete internet destination designed with the novice and expert user in mind! Mac Shareware seeks to serve YOU, the Macintosh user. Browse Shareware Library to find the internet's finest applications and programs. Research classic Macs in the Macintosh Museum and put yours up for sale in the Classified Connection. Explore the site for yourself, and find essential information every Mac user can utilize.

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"Mac computer users have a cool new destination on the Web. Mac Shareware offers trouble-shooting tips, a shareware library and a Macintosh museum in a quick, clean format."
-Sam Meddis (Technology Editor, USA TODAY)

The British Mac Magazine, MacFormat, had this to say in its June issue,

"This beautifully presented site joins the growing number of pages being put together for Mac fans by Mac fans. Created by a trio from the United States MacintoshOScom has several extremely lively areas.

The Macintosh Museum is a guide to every Mac model that has ever been released. The Shareware Library is much smaller than many you would find elsewhere, but that is because the authors have decided to highlight only the best programs out there, but there are full descriptions of each. And areas such as the troubleshooting guide and a live discussion forum are growing quickly.

'We wanted to create a page every faithful Mac user would one day tell their grandchildren about" says the site's founder. Take a look and see how well they've started."

I recently received a press-release from some people who have created a new Mac-centric Web site. I get a LOT of press-releases, but I decided to actually follow-through and check this one out.

I found it to be very useful and worth visiting. I found well-explained goodies there I had never heard of before. It's refreshing to see a "best-of" listing of shareware titles that actually explain WHY you would want to download them. It seemed a bit like the "pre-filtering" I supply with Mac*Chat's information.

The site is very graphic-rich, so I had to wait a bit with my elderly IIci, but that was counter-weighted by the site's VERY Mac-positive attitude.

The folks who put it together seem sincere about making the world a better place for Macintosh fans. Their site is still a bit rough around the edges, but they seem eager to make improvements, based on the feedback I've given so far.

From what I hear, they will be adding special features that seem to set this site apart from any others, so watch it for future developments. I'll also mention changes as they come up. There's a lot of promise here.
-Tony Lindsey (Editor, Mac*Chat)

Wow. One of the COOLEST sites I've seen in a long time. Congrats on a fine job.
-Al Wilson (Supervisor, Eudora Technical Support)

In the past 11 years that I have been a system engineer and consultant for Macintosh computers, this is the most valuable resource I have found. Thank you for the excellent site. I only wish we could have hosted you at Avaloncity with MacToday.
-Mike Cosmo (Webmaster, Avaloncity.com)

Just wanted to compliment you on what has got to be one of the best looking and useful sites for any Mac user. The look and "feel" is really elegant, functional and hey...that's just like a Mac! Keep up the good work.
-Mike Owyang (Marine World Africa USA Vallejo, CA)

I just wanted you to know that you have one of the best websites for a Macintosh user. Excellent graphics, good choice of shareware and I also like the Macintosh Museum as well as the Troubleshooting section! When I finally put up my own webpages, I will surely put a link to your excellent site on them!
-Patrik Amren

Before I do any more downloading, I guess I need to take time off by telling you that this is the best Mac site ever. Before finding out about it in Evangelist, I used to go into Apple's web site just to get updates. Nowadays, I just bookmark your Industry Insider, a one-stop for all the updates I need. Also, I also visit your extensions page because of your selective but great choice of software. I highly recommend this site to all Mac users. Makes any Mac user feel at home. Thanks a bunch!!
-Colin Loh

Holy cow, Brent! This is one of the best- looking sites I've ever seen. It's hard to believe this isn't an official Apple site, since it looks even more Mac-like than Apple's own site. Loved the content, especially the museaum and the 'cult' section. I hope to contribute some items to the cult section soon. Keep up the great work!
-Brian Lusby